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Welcome to beautiful Bulgaria!

Bulgaria is distinguished for its beautiful nature, landscape and pleasant continental climate.Spectacular mountain lakes, sunny beaches, fantastic rose valleys, curative hot mineral springs and deep chilly caves coexist in harmony. Bulgaria is rich in sites that are true wonders of nature…


The main game species in open areas are Wild Boar and Roe Deer. In fenced areas these are Red Deer, Fallow Deer and Mouflon. Predators which are often seen there in winter are Wolves, while Fox and Wild cat inhabit the area all year-round.


Trophy hunting is the selective hunting of wild game animals. Although parts of the slain animal may be kept as a hunting trophy or memorial. At game breeding and hunting preserve “Shindar” we offer wide variety of high quality trophy manufacturing for our special guests.


Sofia, Bulgaria




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Welcome to Bulgaria

The country has many territories, which have remained in their natural state, unique natural nooks with a remarkable bio-diversity. A total of 12,360 species have been found in the composition of the contemporary vegetation. The Bulgarian endemic plants – which are to be found nowhere else worldwide, with a number of more than 250. There is also a great diversity of herbs and healing plants.

Bulgaria’s fauna numbers some 13,000 species, which is 14 % of the total number of registered animal species in Europe. A network of 3 national parks has been set up (with a total area of 221,252.2 ha) – Rila, Pirin, and the Central Balkan, 9 natural parks (over 180,000 ha), natural reserves, as well as 2,234 protected territories and natural landmarks. Pirin National Park and Srebarna Biosphere Reserve have been included in UNESCO’s world heritage list.

Game breeding and hunting preserve “Shindar” is located in the Ihtiman Sredna Gora mountain, nestled on the border of the three largest mountains in Bulgaria: Stara Planina, Rila and Rhodope mountains. In close proximity to the area is Mount Eledzhik, which is 1,186 m high and is part of the list of protected areas in the country. The area of Shindar is magically beautiful with its centuries-old beech forests, breathtaking scenery and natural diversity.

How to find us?

Game breeding and hunting preserve “Shindar” is located only 64 km away from Sofia, of which 45 km are a part of “Trakia” motorway. From Sofia Airport the journey to the farm takes about 50 minutes.

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